Range Anxiety

Range Anxiety

Sunday, October 27, 2024
| Job 42:1-6, 10-17

Can we trust the providence of God when we’re in the middle of nowhere and running low on faith?

It’s every EV owner’s nightmare. You’re driving your electric vehicle, and suddenly you lose power! Here’s how one EV motorist described his experience: “I began to lose power in the car — the car was doing 45 mph and began to slow down gradually despite me pressing the acceleration pedal. The range shown on the battery was 10 miles. I was only 2.5 [miles away from a] supercharger at that time. I pulled over my car and stopped on the shoulder afraid that if I kept going, the car might shut down in the middle of the road. At night on an un-lit road, this would not be good.”

The fear that your car may run out of fuel (gas or electric) is called “range anxiety,” a term that was first reported in the press on September 1, 1997, by Richard Acello writing in the San Diego Business Journal. The emotion is more common among EV owners than those who drive vehicles with traditional internal combustion engines. Perhaps this is because gas...

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