The Parable of the Growing Church

The Parable of the Growing Church

Sunday, June 16, 2024
| Mark 4:26-34

Do we need a modern parable to help us understand a 21st century kingdom of God?

The kingdom of God is like the eruption of a massive solar storm, causing the collapse of modern civilization. Computers stop working, phones go dead, machinery grinds to a halt and airplanes fall out of the sky. About the only people who have the resources to survive are the Amish, who do not rely on modern technology.

This frightening story was not told by Jesus. Instead, it is found in the novel, When the English Fall, by a Presbyterian pastor named David Williams. In his book, “the English” are what the Amish call all non-Amish people. The English really suffer when their technology fails.

This novel is a parable — a story that holds up a mirror for us, helping us to see ourselves in a new way. The tension in the book increases when the English become desperate and start to go after the Amish and their food and other supplies. Facing the threat of invasion, the non-violent Amish must decide how to respond as Christians. How much are they obligated to share...

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