The Cure for Zombie Mode

The Cure for Zombie Mode

Sunday, May 26, 2024
| Romans 8:12-17

Fullness of life comes from following the Spirit, calling God "Father," and suffering with Christ so that you can be glorified with him.

“Blue Apron has been amazing for me.”
“We have so much fun making these meals.”
“Produce — fresh and very high-quality. Proteins [that] literally jumped out of the ocean.”
“Blue Apron has changed my life for the better.”

These are customer testimonials from the website of Blue Apron, an American meal kit company. Fans of the company love the quality ingredients that show up at their doors, along with recipes that help them cook delicious meals.

The only mystery is how they get proteins to “literally” jump out of the ocean!

But now, Blue Apron has fallen on hard times. Back in 2017, the company was worth about $2 billion, and its brand was sizzling hot. Then it acquired BN Ranch, “a network of sustainable meat producers.” Fast Company magazine reports that Blue Apron’s dreams to reimagine the food industry “soon withered.”

Last September, the company was sold for $103 million, quite a drop...

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