A Whole New Ballgame

A Whole New Ballgame

Sunday, April 28, 2024
| 1 John 4:7-21

The pitch clock was a game changer for Major League Baseball. Does God have a pitch clock to speed up our understanding of love?

“Yankees game on opening day took 2 hours and 33 minutes,” said baseball fan Molly Knight. “The pitch clock is amazing.”

The greatest thing “since the invention of baseballs,” said Neil Best.

“The game has a cadence that would be familiar to Ted Williams and Sandy Koufax, unhurried but crisp,” said Ben Goldfarb. “I love it.”

The pitch clock is a big help, even if your team is terrible. Geoff Swartz didn’t have to watch the Giants play for three hours. Instead, it took just “2 hours and 30 minutes for them to get shut out.”

Echoing many others, Royce Young said, “It feels like I’m watching a new sport.”

A whole new ballgame.

Apologies to those who are not baseball addicts. These fans are talking about a change introduced in 2023 in Major League Baseball: The pitch clock. It was part of an effort to make the game shorter and more exciting.

The pitch clock is “a kind of pacemaker...

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