The Skiplagging Christ

The Skiplagging Christ

Sunday, March 31, 2024
| John 20:1-18

Jesus’ final destination is heaven, but he has an unscheduled stop to make along the way.

American, Delta, United, Southwest and most other major airlines are up in arms about an increase of skiplagging passengers. The fine print of a passenger’s ticket forbids the practice. The airlines are threatening to impose a lifetime ban on travelers who skiplag flights. They also warn that they’ll take away the skiplagging consumer’s frequent flier miles. In some cases, they rage about taking the crafty customer to court.

What is skiplagging anyway? It’s a sneaky way to travel to your real destination while pretending you’re going somewhere else. It’s also called hidden city ticketing. Let’s say you want to travel from Seattle to Phoenix. Instead of buying an expensive nonstop flight to Phoenix, you buy a one-stop trip to Oklahoma City, Dallas or New Orleans, but the one stop is in Phoenix. Since this is where you really want to go, you get off. You don’t have any checked bags. You paid for the flight, and it’s cheaper for some ...

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