No Faking It with God

No Faking It with God

Sunday, November 5, 2023
| Matthew 23:1-12

Christians speak the truth, treat others fairly and succeed through service to others.

“Fake it till you make it.”

Perhaps you’ve heard the expression. People use it when they are so anxious to achieve a goal that they pretend to have real confidence and skills. By faking it for a while, they hope they will succeed.

Starting a new job, a person might fake it until they make it in the workplace. Newcomers to Alcoholics Anonymous often adopt the philosophy as a way of adapting to the challenges of the 12-step program. A person who wants to date someone might fake self-confidence to ask them out. If accepted, they hope that real confidence will follow.

A certain amount of “faking it” is part of every person’s life. You cannot become a good dancer until you get out on the floor and fake it for a while. You cannot become part of a new school, church or business unless you throw yourself into the middle of the community and figure it out. But there is also real danger associated with faking it until you make it.

A salesman named Glenn...

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