Paul’s Code 1 Response

Paul’s Code 1 Response

Sunday, October 15, 2023
| Philippians 4:1-9

Paul shows us how charity, clarity and collaboration might be just the thing for irreconcilable differences.

Yelp, Wail, Hi-Lo, Whoop, Piercer, Thunder, Warble and Howler.

Those may sound like a new generation of reindeer to pull Santa’s sleigh, but they’re different siren sounds available in police cars.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that not all police sirens sound alike. You may have discovered this while hearing police cars on the road, or from watching cops-and-robbers movies or TV shows — and hopefully not because you were pulled over by an officer. Many police cars are equipped with more than one siren sound, each to be used in different circumstances and controlled by the responding officers. If you wish to demonstrate the different sounds, see, but know that in so doing, you will disappoint anyone who was counting on dozing during the sermon.

Sirens function primarily to get through traffic quickly in an emergency or to get the attention of an individual offender. It’s unlikely any of us enjoy hearing a siren, and we...

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