Jesus Express

Jesus Express

Sunday, August 6, 2023
| Matthew 14:13-21

We are invited to a meal. The menu includes compassion, innovation and caring for those in need.

In the early 1980s, a quick-serve Chinese restaurant opened at the Glendale Galleria mall. The owners, Andrew and Peggy Cherng, called it Panda Express. A few years later, Chef Andy Kao developed their signature dish, Orange Chicken.

The business began to grow. The 100th restaurant was opened in 1993. The 1,000th in 2007. Today, they have more than 2,000 restaurants in nine countries. With more than $3 billion in sales, they serve more than 90 million pounds of Orange Chicken every year.

At Panda Express, you are going to get “American Chinese food quickly and cheaply,” writes reviewer Kevin Alexander. Plus, “if you choose the winning dishes, you’re going to have a very enjoyable meal.”

They even have fortune cookies, although one customer found hers to be empty. That’s unfortunate … un-fortune-ate.

Surprisingly, the top dish is Teriyaki Chicken, which isn’t even Chinese. Alexander considers the best things on the menu to be...

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