In the Access Business

In the Access Business

Sunday, June 18, 2023
| Romans 5:1-8

Access is a valuable commodity. In God’s realm, the only access that matters is access to grace.

“My door is always open.” That statement sounds like good news to most of us. If an employer, teacher or elected official speaks those words to us with a welcoming smile, it means we enjoy access to that person — that this worthy personage will make time for us, no matter what else may be going on.

That’s the policy many of us operate under as pastors. A few of us publish office hours, but most of us are prepared to make time if the need is urgent. Figuratively speaking, our study doors are always open. A big part of ministry is offering people access to ourselves.

Access is a precious commodity in our world. In Washington, D.C., lobbyists pay big money in the form of campaign contributions to buy access to elected officials. Whenever a former senator or member of the president’s cabinet signs on with one of those lobbying agencies a few blocks from the Capitol, ethical alarms go off. Such a move causes consternation along the banks of the Potomac...

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