Sunday, May 28, 2023
| Acts 2:1-21

The apostles discovered the secret to spiritual power: Numbers, size and location.

The structure will be big, as tall as the Eiffel Tower.

And wide, stretching the length of some of the world’s largest cruise ships.

Built as an enormous metal grid, it will contain 126 wind turbines. It will float on a platform, anchored to the ocean floor using the same technology employed by the oil and gas industry.

They will call it “Windcatcher.”

A Norwegian company is developing this new system to generate electricity from wind power. Fast Company magazine reports that when it becomes operational next year, “it could deliver five times the annual energy of the world’s largest single turbine. That’s because the system is three times taller than the average turbine, exposing the blades to higher wind speeds.”

Imagine 126 turbines spinning in an enormous grid. The Windcatcher blades will be smaller than those on a typical windmill, which will enable them to spin faster. And the position of the grid in deep water will enable it to...

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