The Toughest Commandment

The Toughest Commandment

Sunday, April 9, 2023
| Matthew 28:1-10

“Do not be afraid.” It’s a common command in Scripture, but one that is more easily said than done.

Snakes, bugs and spiders.

Many people have intense fears of these creatures. Mary Magdalene and the other Mary may have been nervous about snakes, bugs and spiders when they went to the tomb of Jesus.

Even if you’re unfazed by slithering reptiles, creeping insects and crawling arachnids, there’s still plenty to be afraid of.

Fear of the dark. Although most common among children, this fear can follow some people into adulthood. The phobia is not really about darkness, but about what dangers might be lurking in the shadows. Maybe that is why the two women waited until daybreak to make their trip on Easter morning.

Fear of closed spaces. That’s another common fear, called claustrophobia. People with this fear find it unbearable to be inside small spaces such as elevators, closets and caves. The two women may have been feeling anxious about entering the tomb of Jesus, which had been carved out of rock.

Fear of death. While very few people have a desire to die, some...

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