New Eyes

New Eyes

Sunday, March 19, 2023
| John 9:1-41

Jesus desires that we, too, may see the light.

If you see a word that begins with “presby,” chances are it has something to so with the Presbyterian tradition. Besides the word “Presbyterian,” there’s also the word “presbytery” — the regional governing body of that denomination. But it’s not an exclusively Presbyterian term. In Roman Catholic churches, “presbytery” is the name of the room where priests put on their vestments.

All these words come from the Greek word “presbyter,” which simply means “elder.” Presbyterian churches are governed by presbyters, elders elected by the congregation. Roman Catholic priests are also known as presbyters, and the office is descended from elders who assisted the local bishop in ancient times.

But there’s one word related to “presbyter” that has nothing to do with the church. It’s the medical condition known as presbyopia. If you’re over the age of 50, chances are pretty good ...

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