The First Step Toward Reconciliation

The First Step Toward Reconciliation

Sunday, February 12, 2023
| Matthew 5:21-37

It’s hard to admit our mistakes, but can it put us on the right path?

“American culture has popular theories about how to build a perfect life.”

Kate Bowler, a professor of the history of Christianity at Duke University, makes this observation in the preface of her book, “No Cure for Being Human.” She has seen many guides to human progress for sale in airport kiosks, including:

  • Books written by spiritual guides who say, “Trust God and the path will reveal itself.”
  • Writing journals full of visionary wisdom from industry leaders and management gurus.
  • Guidebooks that challenge us to take wild actions, such as crossing oceans and climbing mountains and jumping out of planes. Carpe diem, they say. Seize the day!
  • Business manuals that challenge us to eliminate distractions and escape the daily grind. Yes, it’s true, they say. You too can enjoy the four-hour workweek!
  • Titles urging you to unleash the power within!

“These are the formulas for a meaningful life,” Bowler writes. “But the truth ...

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