It’s Best Not to Hinder God

It’s Best Not to Hinder God

Sunday, May 15, 2022
| Acts 11:1-18

You’d think it would be hard to say “No” to God, and yet Peter did it three times! What’s happening? 

There are some people you just don’t want to say “No” to.

You’re asked by the pastor to take a shift at the soup kitchen. Are you going to say, “No”? You might try: 1) No thanks. 2) I think I’ll pass. 3) Maybe another time. 4) Nah, I’d rather stay in bed and watch Netflix. 5) I’m not really into helping people, but thanks for asking.

The pastor might let it slide and move on to the next person.

But, there are some people you just don’t say “No” to — people of power and influence; people whose very voice carries the weight of authority imbued with a tone that bespeaks consequences and retribution; people who have the power to bend you to their will; people who are an immutable force of nature, and who can bring you to your knees with just a withering look, reducing you to a whimpering fool.

But enough about your mother-in-law.

Great leaders usually have people around them who have the courage to say...

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