Lifting the Veil

Lifting the Veil

Sunday, February 27, 2022
| 2 Corinthians 3:12–4:2

The apostle Paul wants us to pull back a veil so that we may see the transforming power of God.

The primary metaphor in today’s reading from 2 Corinthians is the veil. In verses 13-18, the word or a form of it occurs five times, seven if you include verse 4:3 in the reading.

The word veil is not a common word, but it’s not unfamiliar either. Attend enough weddings and you’ve probably seen a bride at the altar, her face obscured by a veil. When the reverend says to the groom, “You may now kiss the bride,” he eagerly lifts the veil, revealing the bride in all her shining and smiling glory.

Fewer brides wear veils these days, but many — especially those who love tradition — put on the veil, only for it to later be taken off.

This recalls the Old Testament wedding of Jacob and his fiancée. He thought he was marrying his beloved Rachel. But when he lifted the veil, he saw that the woman he’d married was Leah, Rachel’s older sister! Although the Bible says that she had “lovely eyes,” that’s about all...

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