The Extended Mind

The Extended Mind

Sunday, January 16, 2022
| 1 Corinthians 12:1-11

Did Paul work alone? In the Christian community, we are much smarter together — and more effective — than we ever could be on our own. 

The USS Palau* was speeding toward San Diego Harbor when its engines failed. Quick action was needed to avert disaster. But no one person had the key to stopping the runaway ship.

Fortunately, the captain, navigator, quartermaster chief and navigation team pooled their brawn and their brains to come up with some makeshift repairs. They saved the day by using their extended mind.

No single brain prevented the tragedy, but many did so.

For years, we have honored the geniuses who appear to achieve great things on their own, whether they are working in science, the arts, business, or technology. But this idea of a lone genius is really a myth. The most successful minds in history have made their breakthroughs with the help of others.

Michelangelo worked with a team of assistants to paint the Sistine Chapel.

Albert Einstein analyzed the work of others at the Swiss patent office as he developed his own theories.

And the apostle Paul? He lived in Corinth with a couple named Aquila and...

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