Our Moral Compass

Our Moral Compass

Sunday, January 2, 2022
| Ephesians 1:3-14

Pilots, archaeologists, moving companies, farmers, civil engineers, surveyors, mining companies and Navy SEALs all use compasses to travel in the right direction with confidence. What kind of compass can help Christians do the same?

All sorts of bad things can happen when you’re without navigational equipment. You might not realize how much you rely on a compass or a GPS signal — until you find yourself in Kansas City, Mo., instead of Denver, Colo. (This actually happened, in case you’re wondering.)

Mokoluaniu, a blogger on a drone website, almost hit a tree while flying his drone. He encountered compass interference and a loss of GPS control. Flying your drone without GPS is not recommended. He writes, “I just bypassed the GPS connection because I was a noob and didn’t realize how important it was. I was trying to get a quick shot of my hotel balcony and was surrounded by tall buildings with Wi-Fi interference.” This is when he nearly hit a tree.

You don’t have to fly drones or hike in the woods to need a compass to augment your orienteering skills. If you travel at all, you’re using navigational equipment without being aware of it. Your vehicle, especially if...

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