Smart Glasses

Smart Glasses

Sunday, October 24, 2021
| Mark 10:46-52

Wearable smart glasses are a great help for the visually impaired, but correcting spiritual blindness requires a different sort of smarts: the humility and desire to see ourselves as we really are and to see Jesus as he really is.

Wearable tech is all the rage these days. Smart watches can track your workouts, monitor your health, answer your phone … and even tell the time! Virtual reality goggles make you feel like you’re inside the video game you’re playing. Chances are just about everyone you’re talking to is wearing some kind of device that makes life a little more interesting, informative or convenient.

Most of the tech we wear isn’t really essential to life — somehow many of us made it to adulthood with watches that only told the time. But for some folks, that piece of technology can mean the difference between life and death. Think of those who wear a pacemaker or internal defibrillator, which monitor and regulate the heartbeat. And while those technical advances enable longevity of life, others are improving the quality of life for people with other kinds of disabilities.

New wearable technology for the blind and visually impaired has the potential to make a huge...

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