A Quality Miracle

A Quality Miracle

Sunday, July 25, 2021
| John 6:1-21

Jesus fed 5,000 people with just a little fish and bread. But his focus was on quality, not quantity. He wants to satisfy our spiritual hunger by feeding the whole person, not just filling a stomach.

As human beings, we love our numbers. Especially round numbers.

Yes, that’s right. For most people, 5,000 is much more appealing than 4,999.

Need some proof? Think of your fitness tracker. You look at it in the evening and see that you have walked 9,874 steps. So what are you going to do? You walk around the house, get 126 more, and feel the sublime satisfaction of 10,000-step perfection.

You may not really need another pair of blue jeans, but how can you resist a 40-percent-off sale? And when you are pumping gas, don’t you find yourself squeezing the pump until you get to a round-number total? $49.75 is not nearly as satisfying as $50.

Admit it: You really like to get to $50. On the nose.

Speaking of gasoline, you may think that you’re saving money when you go to a self-serve pump. But you know what? You’re only fueling yourself.

Round numbers such as 50 offer more than precisely measured information. According to The Washington Post, such figures are...

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