Crowdsourced Christianity

Crowdsourced Christianity

Sunday, April 11, 2021
| Acts 4:32-35

The Christians of Jerusalem had one heart and soul in everything they did. Their success came not from individual heroism, but from collective action.

You’ve heard of families being rescued from burning buildings. Sailors being rescued at sea. Cats being rescued from trees. Dogs being called “rescues” when they are pulled out of abusive homes.

But have you ever heard of food rescue?

Food is rescued when it is taken out of grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations and hospitals. The food has not gone bad, but for a variety of reasons it cannot be used. Unless it is rescued, it will be thrown in the trash.

In Virginia, organizations such as Prince William Food Rescue will rescue food and deliver it to churches, community centers, senior centers, mobile home parks and schools. Volunteers are notified of available food through a mobile app called “Food Rescue Hero.” They quickly step into action, pick up the food, and deliver it to where it is needed.

“We have a great team,” says a food rescue leader to InsideNova. “Together we are changing the food insecurity landscape here in the...

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