Jesus and Airbnb

Jesus and Airbnb

Sunday, January 19, 2020
| John 1:29-42

When Jesus asked Andrew to “come and see” where he was staying, where did they go? Where was Jesus staying, anyway? What would it be like to visit Jesus in his own place? What is Jesus like as a host?

Pick a destination.

After deciding how you’re going to get there, you then need to decide where you’re going to stay.

If you spend less than $100 per night at a hotel, you’re probably staying at a dump or a low-budget chain motel.

Today, however, a traveler has options not available 20 years ago. In the sharing economy, we can find online platforms that connect us with people willing to share a room or an entire house, and usually at a price far below a commercial facility.

The leading disrupter of the hospitality industry is Airbnb. The company was conceived after its founders put an air mattress in their living room to offset the high cost of rent in San Francisco, effectively turning their apartment into a bed and breakfast. Airbnb is a shortened version of its original name,

Today, a little more than 10 years after its humble beginnings, Airbnb is valued at more than $30 billion, and has booked tens of millions of overnight stays for...

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