Enough Really Is Enough

Enough Really Is Enough

Sunday, November 11, 2018
| Mark 12:38-44

There are moments in life — perhaps daily — when you realize that you’re done. Enough is enough.

Picture a boxer, beaten-up and exhausted, many rounds into a grueling match. The bell rings, and he collapses onto a stool in the corner. With each round, his chances of winning have slipped slowly away. His opponent is just too strong, too fast.

Silently, the boxer’s trainer hands him a wet towel for his forehead, and tends to his wounds. Then, he stops and looks into his eyes. A silent agreement passes between them. The trainer picks up another towel and throws it into the ring. Enough is enough.

Picture a small child, riding in a supermarket cart being pushed by his mother. He’s been throwing a tantrum for the past 10 minutes. The other shoppers are looking at them with annoyance, but his mother goes on with her shopping as though nothing has happened. She knows how to handle the situation. She’s seen it before. Her son — who’s cried himself out by now — realizes he’s not getting anywhere with this tactic. So he stops, ending his fearsome ...

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