The 100 Percent Rule

The 100 Percent Rule

Sunday, October 14, 2018
| Mark 10:17-31

Google is known for its 20 percent policy. God is known for another policy, and it’s more than 20 percent.

Google by all accounts is one of the most creative companies around and also one of the most fun to work for.

Two assertions in that sentence: that Google is creative and that it’s fun to work for.

Google is not only a powerhouse search engine, but it has developed such products as Gmail, AdSense, Google Glass and GPS technology. It is also working on self-driving cars.

The multinational company is also well-known for bennies such as pool tables and bowling alleys, free food and gym memberships. It even employs a chief happiness officer whose sole job is to keep employees happy and maintain productivity.

Laszlo Bock is Google’s senior vice president of people operations, responsible for attracting, developing, retaining and delighting “Googlers.” In his book, Work Rules!, Bock offers a ton of advice aimed at helping leaders “live and lead.”

  • Take away managers’ power over employees.

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