When Jesus Drops In

When Jesus Drops In

Sunday, April 30, 2017
| Luke 24:13-35

Zipline is a company that uses its fleet of drones to drop urgent medical supplies in remote areas of Rwanda. Drone technology reminds us of Jesus' post-resurrection appears. He seemed to be dropping in everywhere.

Jesus knew nothing about drones. But he was like a drone in that he seemed to drop in from nowhere to work a miracle or heal somebody.

Many people might associate drones with clandestine operations against ISIS and other terrorist operations. But, in fact, drones can be, and are, utilized in many other ways, some of which are strictly humanitarian.

That's why Jesus might support what certain drones are doing today. They're dropping in out of nowhere performing miracles and healing people. Or, at least they make this possible.

In Rwanda, rural medical clinics are so isolated that deliveries cannot be made by trucks or motorcycles. Storage facilities are inadequate for the blood that is required for emergency transfusions, especially during childbirth.

So airplane-style drones now carry blood to these rural clinics. They save lives by airlifting blood to where it needs to be.

Zipline International, based in San Francisco, has developed this innovative system of blood distribution. Zipline...

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