That's Awkward

That's Awkward

Sunday, August 14, 2016
| Luke 12:49-56

A misspoken word, a wine stain on a white carpet, a wardrobe malfunction — all awkward moments. Did Jesus have an awkward moment?

We all have awkward moments.

Such as when the pastor, unexpectedly, asks you to pray.

And when you start to sing, one beat ahead of the rest of the congregation.

These moments have become Internet memes. All of these messages begin with the words,"That awkward moment when ..."

"That awkward moment when the only thing you know on the test is your name."

"That awkward moment when your boss sends you a friend request on Facebook."

"That awkward moment when everyone is serious and you start laughing."

"That awkward moment when you say goodbye to someone, and then start walking in the same direction."

Yeah, that's awkward.

Awkwardness is part of the national mood these days, and advertisers are picking up on it. According to David Ignatius in The Washington Post (October 30, 2015), many "television commercials end with a deliberately awkward moment, where the characters make non sequiturs, or say things that make others uncomfortable, or otherwise look like miscast nerds."

You've probably seen...

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