A New Test

A New Test

Sunday, November 1, 2015
| Mark 12:28-34

The test for New York cabbies has been reduced from more than 80 questions to just 10! Jesus did something similar with the Law of Moses. 

Venice has its gondolas, Calcutta its pedicabs, London its distinctive black taxis, but, in the canyons of Manhattan, the yellow cab is king.

Anyone who drives the streets of the Big Apple quickly learns that taxi drivers rule the road ("WARNING: I brake for nobody"). New York cabbies pride themselves on delivering their passengers curbside in the least amount of time, even if it involves a nail-biting, careening ride through traffic-choked streets to make good on that pledge.

One of the reasons New York cabbies are so good at their work -- besides their finely-tuned talent for automotive aggression -- is their encyclopedic knowledge of the city's streets. Until recently, new cabbies were required to pass a grueling 80-question geography exam covering all five boroughs.

But no longer. Once the bane of new immigrants, the cabbies' geography test has now been reduced to a paltry 10 questions! Seriously!? Are we kidding?


The reason? Technology. Global Positioning Systems (GPS) are...

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