Kintsukuroi Christianity

Kintsukuroi Christianity

Sunday, January 11, 2015
| Acts 19:1-7

In Japan, you wouldn't believe what they can do with broken pottery.

Golden repair.

Japanese artists often do this when a precious piece of pottery has been broken. After mixing lacquer resin with powdered gold, they use the resin to put the broken pieces together. What they end up with is a pot with cracks in it, but the cracks are filled with gold.

They call it kintsukuroi (keen-tsoo-koo-roy). Golden repair.

Such restoration creates a gorgeous piece of art and makes a philosophical statement as well. Kintsukuroi asserts that breakage and repair is part of the unique history of an object, rather than something to deny or disguise.

We need more golden repair in our lives, because we so often hide our brokenness.

A friend hurts us deeply, and we retreat inside ourselves. We lose a job or suffer a pay cut, and pretend like everything is really okay. A spouse abuses us, but we never speak up. We sense that we have a drinking problem, but feel too embarrassed to ask for help. A marriage begins with intimacy and anticipation, and ends with alienation and anger.

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