Bible Badgers

Bible Badgers

Sunday, August 10, 2014
| Romans 10:5-15

Who weeds auto-correct, anyway?

If you've tried typing on that tiny keypad on your smart phone, you know that it's pretty easy to make a mistake since your thumbs are as relative in size to the keys as LeBron James is to a Smart Car. Phone manufacturers know this, which is why they developed the ostensibly helpful feature called "auto-correct," which is supposed to correct your terrible typing into a discernible message for your friend, co-worker or loved one. Problem is that while auto-correct can read your typing, it can't read your mind; and the results are often, well, disturbingly hilarious. Some examples:

- Mom reacting to picture of daughter: "You look affordable." She meant, "You look adorable" but, then again, maybe the kid shopped at a thrift store.

Mom to son: "Where are you?"
Son: "I'm having a little seizure."
Mom: "Oh no! I'm calling 911 for you right now!"
Son: "No, mom! I meant I'm having a Little Caesar's -- I'm eating pizza!"

Susie: "Hold on a minute, I think there are some Bible badgers at the door."

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