Whatever Happened to Moses?

Whatever Happened to Moses?

Sunday, October 23, 2011
| Deuteronomy 34:1-12

Ever wonder what happened to a celebrity you saw on a rerun of some sitcom? There's a website devoted to tracking what happened to people who used to be famous.

It used to be that high school reunions were the one time when you found out, after all those years, whatever happened to, say, that old girlfriend, or the football captain, or that geeky kid who sat in the back of the room and only fooled with his calculator. You'd get a bunch of paunchy, middle-aged people together in a banquet hall and swap stories and speculations about the fate of classmates, and then that geeky kid would pull up in his Mercedes bought with all the money he made because he'd founded some wildly successful Internet company. "Revenge of the Nerds," indeed.

Today, you only need to get on a social media site like Facebook to find out what happened to those long-lost classmates, who are all eager to tell the world that they're alive and doing fine, even if they never became a beauty queen or a star pro-athlete. Still, not everyone is logging on to the web, and there are still some of those people in your past you always wonder about, and no one else seems to have the...

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