Recall The Call

Recall The Call

Sunday, March 20, 2011
| Genesis 12:1-4a

Why is the burnout rate so high among clergy? What does this say to congregations as they consider their own vocations?

Right up front:

Here’s the key idea that emerges from today’s text and, indeed, from the life of Abraham: If we aren’t recalling our calling, we’re begging for burnout. Without further ado:

Abram’s calling

Let’s start with Abraham, who’s still called Abram at this point. He and his wife, Sarah, as you may recall, had a name change later on in their lives. We know little about Abram before Genesis 12, but what we do know about him and his cultural ethos is important:

• In the ancient Near East, family is the entire basis of social and religious life.

• Abram and Sarai battle infertility and have no children.

• His father takes the family from Ur to live in Canaan but settles halfway on that common trade route at Haran.

When God calls Abram in Genesis 12, we have to appreciate how that call utterly turned Abram’s world upside down and totally reshaped his life and his family members’ lives.

“Go from your country”...

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