Faith Creation

Faith Creation

Sunday, April 11, 2010
| John 20:19-31

If you want to be healthy, you create a healthy lifestyle. Why can’t we do that for our spiritual health?

If you want better health, you’ve got to hop on a bike and pedal like crazy. Get on that bad boy and ride.

And if you want stronger faith?

Do the very same thing.

Grant Harrison had a brainstorm one day, as he was working at the Innovation Center at the Humana health-benefits company in Louisville. The Innovation Center is a think tank, so Harrison was … thinking. It was dawning on him that health-insurance companies need to change, that they can’t focus solely on health-policy reform. Then the light bulb went on: Humana had to become “a health-creation company”!

Not health insurance. Health creation!

And the goal had to be “to make fun things healthy.”

But how to do it? The devil is always in the details.

Harrison thought of bicycles and how they could become a healthy way for people to commute to work. “Fifty percent of people drive to work less than five miles in their cars,” he told Fast Company magazine (September 2009). “They could be doing this on a bike. If somebody starts commuting ...

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