Las Vegas Lazy

Las Vegas Lazy

Sunday, January 27, 2008
| Matthew 4:12-23

In Vegas, if you can’t run from one slot to another quickly enough, you can now rent a mobility scooter to get you around.

His name is Simon, and he’s a thin, fit, 27-year-old man, in perfect health.

Simon Peter of Galilee?

No. Simon Lezama of Las Vegas.

What’s so surprising about Lezama is that he’s riding an electric “mobility scooter” all around Las Vegas. He’s taking a vacation, and because of the miles of gambling and gluttony that stretch out before him, he’s decided to fork over $40 a day to rent an electric wheelchair.

Now, Simon doesn’t have to take a step. He doesn’t even have to put down his drink.

“It was all the walking,” he explained to the Associated Press (May 2007). “Now I can drink and drive, be responsible and save my feet.”

Simon, Simon — you should hear the words of Jesus, “Stand up and walk” (Matthew 9:5).

Marcel Maritz runs the scooter rental company that caters to Las Vegas visitors, and he’s seeing the number of able-bodied renters growing every year. “We’re seeing more and more young people just for the fact that the Strip has gotten so big, the hotels are so large,” he says. Most of...

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