Live Free!

Live Free!

Sunday, June 10, 2007
| Galatians 1:11-24

The fourth Die Hard movie is out this summer. Live Free. Or Die Hard. That’s the title of the movie. And it’s sorta what Paul says to the Galatians. 

Live Free. Or Die Hard.

That’s the name of the new Bruce Willis movie, hitting theaters later this month.

Willis will return as wisecracking police officer John McLane in the fourth Die Hard movie, a franchise that was launched in 1988 and has made more than $700 million so far. Although you might think that Willis is way past his prime in the action hero department, Sylvester Stallone recently returned to the ring as Rocky Balboa, and Harrison Ford is picking up his whip again as Indiana Jones.

Compared to these guys, 51-year-old Bruce Willis has lots of time in his career to leap from exploding buildings, or crawl through city sewers.

In this new movie, Willis will attempt to stop a techno-terrorist who is determined to shut down the nation’s computer systems on the Fourth of July. The threat is much bigger than anything seen in the earlier movies — back then, Willis fought heavily armed thieves in a Los Angeles skyscraper, battled terrorists in a snowed-in...

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