Sunday, July 2, 2006
| 2 Corinthians 8:7-15

Econ 101 is all about incentives. What possible incentive could there be to give someone else our hard-earned cash?

From the files of things you should have learned in college but didn’t due to, um, distractions: What is “economics?”

If you were a business major, you’re probably dialing up images of market shares, flow charts, interest rates, stocks and bonds and the like. If you were in liberal arts, you’re probably thinking of the class that kept you from hitting the dean’s list. You’d rather juggle chainsaws than balance your checkbook.

Truth is that econ is not one of your sexier subjects. Americans love to talk about “the economy” but generally have no idea what that means other than having to pay more at the gas pump at certain times of the year.

Welcome to a crash course in the basics of economics as it is really experienced outside of all the charts and graphs. And what we learn is going to help us understand spiritual economics as well.

A recent New York Times best-selling book is challenging our thinking about the whole idea of economics ...

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