God in True Light

God in True Light

Sunday, December 5, 2004
| Romans 15:4-13

Victims of journalistic overkill are legion, many of them feeling that they have been portrayed in a “false light.” Eddie Bueno is one. His story is fascinating. But when Christians get careless, are we guilty of casting God in a false light?

Most people like to see their name in print.

But not Eddie Bueno.

When Bueno saw his family’s name mentioned in the local newspaper, he was not happy. In fact, he was downright “devastated.”

He had spent nearly his whole life trying to escape his family and so far had succeeded; the last thing he wanted was to read an article about his family with the headline “Denver’s Biggest Crime Family.” The article described how 15 of the 18 children of Pete and Della Bueno had a string of arrests, dubbing them “Denver’s biggest crime family.”

Just one big problem. The article didn’t mention that Eddie was not one of those 15 of 18 children, or that he had lived an upright successful life since age 13 when he left the family to pursue a better way.

What is one to do when one’s character is publicly portrayed inaccurately? He was hurt enough to do something about it, so he sued the newspaper for portraying him in a “false...

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