Red Bull Buzz

Red Bull Buzz

Sunday, October 3, 2004
| Luke 17:5-10

The 21C generation is turning to buzz beverages like Piranha, Blue Ox and Wow for a quick energy boost. When his disciples ask Jesus to “increase their faith,” Jesus tells them that faith is not a matter of getting a head rush.

You‘ve got an 8:00am class, a four—hour sales meeting, or you‘re kiteboarding from Florida to Cuba.

Whatever. You‘re part of the 21C generation of young adults looking for a quick way to spike your energy level.

Traditionally, that role has been served by a strong cup of coffee, but these days the latte is passé — the real adrenaline buzz now comes from a can. And a small can at that.

Enter the energy drink.

Need to fly through that midterm? Crack open a Red Bull (it “gives you wings”).

Drained after a night of clubbing? Get back on track in a “New York Minute.”

Got a big project to tackle? A big task calls for “Whoop A**.”

Piranha and AMP are other options. With colorful names and word—of—mouth buzz, energy drinks have become the fastest growing segment of the soft—drink market, with sales going from a mere $12 million in 1997 to $1 billion this year. Surveys show that 22 percent of college students...

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