The Jesus Type

The Jesus Type

Sunday, June 27, 2004
| Luke 9:51-62

You’re a Harvard grad, you can cook up killer calamari, you admit to crying at the movies, and you always remember birthdays. What’s not to like about you? But the online dating service rejects your application anyway. What gives?

He’s a tall, blue-eyed actor. A 25-year-old single guy who makes terrific calamari, enjoys chick flicks, and always remembers birthdays.

Sounds like a decent catch if you’re a single gal looking for a pal.

Forget decent. A great catch — one would think.

Yet, according to, the online dating service, when this eligible young man finished the matchmaker’s required 40-minute personality test, he was rejected.

“I was stunned,” said the actor to The Wall Street Journal. “Is that even possible?” He assumed that an online dating service virtually guaranteed that you would meet someone. Never in his wildest dreams did he think that he would be rejected.

It seems that some Internet matchmakers are flirting with a new marketing tactic — giving customers the cold shoulder. As if the process of dating weren’t painful enough! The Web site used by this sorry suitor boots people who are deemed unmatchable by its software, without ever giving them a reason. Other sites will tell you their...

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