Jesus Presenters

Jesus Presenters

Sunday, May 30, 2004
| John 14:8-17 (25-27)

The Association of Lincoln Presenters is a group of men and women who dress up as Abe and Mary Lincoln and go about the country spreading the gospel of the Lincoln spirit. Not hard to see where we’re going with this one, is it?

His name is Homer Sewell, but total strangers tend to call him “Abe.” One look at the man, and you know exactly why: Homer Sewell bears a spooky resemblance to Abraham Lincoln.

This all started about 30 years ago in Orlando, Florida, when Sewell grew a beard and schoolchildren suddenly began to call him “Abe.” He completed the effect by adding a black suit and stovepipe hat, and developed a show called Abe Lincoln’s America. Sewell has now made over 2,400 appearances as the 16th president, performing for more than two million people. “As soon as I get my suit on and my hat,” he explains, “I become Abraham Lincoln.”

Sewell is a dead ringer for Honest Abe, even without makeup, and you’ve got to admire his attention to detail.

The car he drives is a ... Lincoln, of course.

Sewell is part of a group called the “Association of Lincoln Presenters,” a union of men and women dedicated to bringing Abraham and Mary Lincoln to life. There are currently 117 Abes and 32 Marys across the country,...

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