Cursive Obedience

Cursive Obedience

Sunday, May 16, 2004
| John 14:23-29

Kids are on computers these days before they can talk. By the time they’re in first grade, they can already make their way around the Internet. The need for keyboard skills is self-evident, but cursive handwriting? A lot of schools are dropping it.

Do you recall the day you first learned to write in cursive?

Of course not. You probably don’t remember when you learned to read either.

You may remember the process. You might remember life in first grade when you were taught to read, or life in third grade when you were taught to write in cursive. But you don’t remember when reading and writing “happened.”

Not like learning to ride a bike. You’re either pedaling like crazy and keeping your balance, or you’re lying in a twisted heap with your ankles through the spokes. You might remember when you learned to ride a bike.

Back to cursive writing. The S had the bends in the right places, and the W rose and dropped wonderfully at the command of your tiny fingers clutching that big pencil. Then, beaming brightly, you unveiled the writing to your parents, who happily approved your advancing skills. It was a moment of victory to slant those letters precisely the way the teacher instructed and within the lines, too. Mastering cursive writing was ...

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