Joe Christian

Wednesday, March 5, 2003
| Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21

TV reality shows like Joe Millionaire and The Bachlorette tell us that making a first impression is crucial for gaining love and acceptance. Christians, however, can be thankful that the only impression that counts is the Cross-impression made for us by Jesus Christ!

No one is quite sure what the future holds for America's latest arranged marriage. While Evan and Zora might have longed for someone, some-thing-even a television show-to pick, or narrow down their mate for life, Americans are just too individualistic for that sort of thing, even if hundreds of thousands of dollars are on the line.

That's why the typical Joe-on-the-street, or Joe-in-the-bar, prefers to do his mate-choosing, or to go mate-hunting, in packs, or-when the quarry is in sight-solo.

Most men understand that there are women out there who are capable of leaving their well-heeled boyfriend for a stable, working fellow of modest means. But Joe Millionaire has done little to dispel the perception that single women want a man who not only is cute, and charming, but who has considerable cash flow.

Now there's a new bait, ploy, tactic, available to Joe to enhance his chances of attracting a possible mate. After the quarry has been chatted up on adjacent bar stools, and other hunter...

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