A Reason to Live

A Reason to Live

Sunday, July 7, 2002
| Genesis 24:34-38, 42-49, 58-67

Almost 30 years ago, Black September shocked the world at the Munich Olympics, but then they disappeared from view. The reason why will surprise you. The answer links to the story of how God providentially brought together Isaac and his bride.

[NOTE: The following material contains two stories: a fascinating account of how a terrorist organization was defused and the biblical account of a servant's quest for a wife for Isaac. The stories contrast with each other, rather than compare, for whereas in the first story, marriage -- in a sort of Augustinian sense -- is sought as a remedy for sin, in the second story, marriage is the outcome of the providence of a loving God. Learn the material well enough so that you can move away from the pulpit and into a storytelling mode, being careful to weave in the "preaching points" you'll find in the second story.]

The story of the search for and discovery of a bride for Isaac, son of Abraham and Sarah, is one of the most fascinating stories in all of literature. It is, perhaps, not only is the earliest account of an arranged marriage, but it is also a touching account of how God providentially brought Isaac and Rebekah together. But before we tell that story, let's go to a contemporary...

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