Bug Buildup

Bug Buildup

Sunday, May 19, 2002
| Acts 2:1-21

Wind farms are sprouting up all over the West, providing an efficient, alternative source of energy for thousands of communities. But there's a problem that reduces the efficiency of these wind-powered turbines: Bugs. So what are the bugs that deplete the power of Pentecost in our lives?

Pentecost was a high-energy event.
You've got your flames of fire, and some fierce winds ripping through the area. And whenever you have unexplained sources of energy, you're going to attract a lot of attention.

The search for energy is a history of humankind. So important is energy to human survival that myths were written to explain how we came to have it (Prometheus and fire); to have energy is to have power and control - a truth that seems self-evident in the current geopolitical climate of Middle Eastern diplomacy.

That's why we're always interested in alternative sources of energy - whether biomass, geothermal, nuclear, hydroelectric, solar, or even the methane gas produced by cow manure. The cow pies dropped globally in the pastures of the world produce millions of metric tons of methane gas, but research appears to be a moooot point; to date, no efficient method of passing gas from cows to our homes and automobiles appears to be in the offing.

Speaking of wind, however, reminds...

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