Deep-Discount Disciples

Deep-Discount Disciples

Sunday, September 6, 1998
| Luke 14:25-33

Each of us, in our way, is challenged to be a full-price disciple by strengthening our faith-ties, practicing self-discipline, and showing selfless generosity.

Pop quiz: Which of the following four sites is NOT a major tourist attraction in the state of Virginia?

A. Mount Vernon

B. Williamsburg

C. Virginia Beach

D. Potomac Mills

Trick question! They are all major attractions, and Potomac Mills -- one of the world's largest outlet malls -- is among the top destinations for domestic and international tourists. Does this surprise you? It should not, since we live in a consumer culture. Tourists want to visit not only Mount Vernon and Monticello, but outlets for Barneys New York, Spiegel, JCPenney, The Nature Company and Polly Flinders -- some of the more than 220 stores at Potomac Mills. They are interested in Martha Washington and Thomas Jefferson for sure, but also Christian Dior, Levi Strauss, Perry Ellis and Calvin Klein. Travelers want more than leisure and learning; they desire "world-class savings" of 20 to 60 percent every day!

A craving for saving has made this particular outlet mall a destination that attracts 3,000 group and...

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