The Barney Principle

Sunday, September 4, 1994
| Mark 7:24-37

How "well" is your church fulfilling its "wellness" potential? A well church is one that is engaged in ministries that not everyone thinks are swell.

He's big. He's purple. He's pre-historic. He's BARNEY!!!

It used to be parents waited until their children were teenagers to start hating their offsprings' idols. But this low-tech, purple-plush dinosaur with the terminally goofy voice has managed to break new ground. Now it is the parents of two-, three-, and four-year-olds that have their teeth set on edge at the mention of their child's favorite star's name and the sound of his music.

There is a whole host of Anti-Barney Internet guerrillas who have declared war on this "evil supernatural entity who is training young children to be his unholy army of ultimate darkness.". Listen in to these Barney questions being asked via electronic networking: "Is Barney the Beast and the Dragon predicted in the biblical book of Revelation?" "What's the connection between Barney and McDonald's Evil Grimace?" "How can the Purple Scourge be stopped?"

These kinds of rantings are fairly harmless when confined to an obscure computer bulletin board, ...

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