The Cream of the Crop, or The Skimmed Milk of the Earth

Sunday, September 3, 1995
| Luke 14:1, 7-14

Jesus expects us to open our homes and hearts to people who are not on the "A-list."

Ever notice how the first thing you do after getting a new haircut is go fishing? Not with a rod and reel, but with words?

You might be able to get what you're after with just a single cast. You look your spouse in the eye and ask, "Well?"

Less baitable mates might have to be lured along a bit further: "Oh, I don't know if this looks very good. What do you think?" Woe to the man or woman who doesn't know how to respond to that question. All of us know that the questioner isn't the least bit interested in hearing the truth or even our opinion. All s(he) really wants to hear is a compliment.

Nobody likes to be tagged a show-off or a braggart. But every one of us desperately craves to be praised and complimented and admired. Most of us resolve that little quandary by resorting to a kind of false humility. We are masters at appearing to humble ourselves only so that we may enjoy the praises and exaltations that such behavior elicits from others. Fishing for compliments,...

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