Addiction Affliction

Addiction Affliction

Sunday, October 15, 2000
| Mark 10:17-31

Excuses are easier to come by when we’ve let someone down, disappointed others, or failed to keep our promises. Today it’s easier than ever to avoid responsibility by embracing the addiction du jour. Jesus doesn’t buy it. He invites us to forsake our addictions, our excuses, our whining – and to follow him.

Lip balm.

Apparently addictive to some.

Are you constantly licking your lips? Do you look for an excuse to buy a bundle of balm? Do you need a Carmex fix?

If so, you may be addicted to lip balm. Time to consider joining "Lip Balm Anonymous" and join thousands of others in a protest to "Ban the Balm!"
Perhaps your addiction is more conventional: nicotine, drugs, food, sex, videos, gambling. Perhaps you're a confessed chocoholic. Perhaps it's shopping.

Perhaps - you're one of an estimated 6 million with a virtual addiction. Your relationships with your spouse, your employer, your friends have broken down because your addictive personality has driven you into chat rooms and all manner of cyber-deviancy.

In an addiction afflicted society, there is no shortage of possibilities. New addictions are popping up every day, each with its own weekly church-basement support group and "Anonymous" organization.

Addiction has even visited MTV when its hit show, Real World, stumbled on to...

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