Get a Life!

Sunday, October 4, 1992
| 2 Timothy 1:1-14

When we "Get a Life" in Christ, we get the right kind of a life, and the best kind of life we can get.

Anyone have a teenage son or daughter who has recently encouraged you to "get a life"? Those without offspring currently in the "age of cynicism" should be aware that such "loving" advice is usually given along with an incredulous gesture of falling eyes and a shaking head. Most often "get a life" comes as a direct response to such ridiculous parental suggestions as, "Wouldn't it be nice to spend the afternoon together organizing the family photo album?" Or "Why don't we all spend Saturday night together?" "Get a life, Mom!" "Get a life, Dad!" "Check into reality - there is no way that is going to happen!"

Getting a life is what is going to happen when the gospel gets us. "Get a life!" is a message God has been urging humans to take seriously from the time of Abraham until the current age. Amos' message to his fellow Judeans is an urgent plea for them to "get a life." The path of greed and injustice that they were following was clearly a pathway to death. "Seek good and not evil,"...

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