The First M: MARRIAGE The Four Secrets of Enduring Love

Sunday, October 2, 1994
| Mark 10:2-16

There are four keys to a lasting marriage, the most important of which is to Stop Flooding.

Note: This begins a series of four sermons on "4M's: The Four Most Important 'M' Words in the World Today."

Instead of studying why marriages fail, scientists have decided to refocus their research into why marriages succeed. By using the latest methodological and technological innovations (including actual videotaping and monitoring of body functions using devices as small as an anti-smoking patch), recent longitudinal studies of marital success stories suggest that there are four revealing traits that characterize an enduring, loving relationship between husband and wife (see "A Lens on Matrimony," U.S. News & World Report, 21 February 1994, 66).

1. Be Supportive: How can you tell which marriages are going to "make it" and which ones are poised for trouble? Researchers discovered a disarmingly simple indicator kept appearing when they were interviewing newlywed couples. Among couples ultimately staying together only five out of every 100 comments made about each other were...

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