Sunday, November 13, 1994
| Mark 13:1-8

Jesus will not leave us to fend for ourselves when we suffer "attacks of little faith." Amid the quivers and quakes, you can fulfill your ministry and be a faithful disciple.

Earthquakes along all the various faults and fluctuations in the earth's crust seem to be coming more frequently. Californians, digging out from their third major quake in as many years, are growing increasingly anxious about the "Big One" _ the 8+ earthquake still predicted to come. The aftershocks of these fears is seen in the rise in sales of earthquake insurance in Ohio and Tennessee, as well as in Pacific Rim states.

Earthquakes are not mentioned very often in the gospels. Mark mentions this seismic shudder only once, in verse 8 of today's text. Matthew and Luke also recall Jesus' words about earthquakes in their versions of this eschatological discourse. In all these gospels, as Jesus looks to the future, he is instructing the disciples on events that will take place in the time following his resurrection and leading up to his Parousia. It is exactly during this portent-filled time that the disciples will be engaged in their post-Easter mission _ that of proclaiming the gospel...

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