Fields of Dreams

Sunday, May 22, 1994
| Acts 2:1-21

We need to get on our knees, pour out our hearts, extend our hands and spread our wings to make churches fields of dreams once again.

What is there about baseball that makes it so different from the other big-time, big-money, big-name professional sports? Somehow baseball has become so much a part of the American Dream that we no longer consider it just another game. Every kid is supposed to play baseball when growing up (sometimes whether they want to or not!). Adults trapped in stuffy offices on hot July afternoons take comfort in imagining that somewhere out in their community a baseball game is underway. In some areas of our country, a baseball cap is the standard uniform for the well-dressed male.

Despite America's deep passion for baseball, the immense popularity of the 1989 movie Field of Dreams took a lot of film critics and entertainment moguls by surprise. Field of Dreams was not only a huge box office hit, it has now grown to be a cult classic. This quirky, quiet little film about an Iowa farmer who listens to the advice of a disembodied voice and builds a baseball diamond in his cornfield has become a...

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